Research description

My research is based on characterizing new target proteins involved in the biological bases of Alzheimer's disease. In particular, I am studying the AD pathophysiological role of the intramembrane signal peptide peptidase like 2b (SPPL2b). For this purpose, we use the new AD mouse model, the APP-knock-in mouse AppNL-G-F and the SPPL2b deficient mouse line. My research is also concerned with evaluating the role of the endocannabinoidergic system (ECS) in neurological-related disorders and the biological mechanisms by which ECS is involved in neurodegenerative diseases such as AD.



These projects are financially supported by Olle Engkvists Stiftelse, Gun & Bertil Stohnes Stiftelse, Demensfonden, Lindhés Advokatbyrå Stiftelse, Åhlén-stiftelsen, Stiftelsen för Gamla Tjänarinnor.