Stefan Reitzner

Stefan Reitzner

Postdoctoral researcher

Research description

In my research I work on improving our knowledge of the molecular effects of physical exercise on the whole body, and how different tissues and systems coordinate to overcome and adapt to a performance challenge. High levels of physical performance require a highly coordinated response not only of skeletal muscle but other organs and tissues like adipose or the liver. Specifically, I am currently focusing on investigating the interactions of the immune system and acute and long-term exercise and training. A large factor in positive progression of performance in exercise training is regeneration which is facilitated by the immune system. For it to properly function, the immune system requires large amounts of energy, a resource short in supply and therefore highly controlled in the context of extreme and high-level physical performance.

Teaching portfolio

Karolinska Institutet (2015-present): Course responsible for two PhD-level and two Master level courses in Physiology and Bioinformatics. Teacher in lecture series and practical courses for medical students (elective course sports medicine), Biomedicine and Physiotherapy bachelor students, and specialized courses in Physiology for journalists, financial analysts and the general public.

German Sports University Cologne (2014): Seminar leader in a course about sports biology for bachelor students in sports science.

University of Innsbruck (2011-2016): Teaching assistant in the Biochemistry lab course for bachelor students in biology.

Medical University of Innsbruck (2007-2010): Teaching assistant at the emergency medicine department in the courses "First aid" and "Advanced life support" for medical students.


Doctor of Philosophy in Medical Science (2020), Karolinska Institutet, Stockholm, Sweden

Master of Science in Molecular Cell- and Developmental Biology (2015), University of Innsbruck, Austria

Bachelor of Science in Biology (2012), University of Innsbruck, Austria