Stephen Nash

Stephen Nash


I am a statistician working in MEB. I specialise in clinical trial design, and also enjoy coding in Stata and teaching.

About me

I graduated with an MSc in Medical Statistics from the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine in 2013. Since then I have worked at King's College London (Institute of Psychology), University College London (CRUK Cancer Trials Centre) and, from 2015-2020, in the International Statistics and Epidemiology group at LSHTM. I have also held short-term posts at the University of Oxford (The Jenner Institute) and as an education specialist at LSHTM during the Covid pandemic.

I joined MEB at Karolinska Institutet in March 2023, where I work in the Applied Biostatistics Group.

Research description

I am currently working on three clinical trials at MEB. I am helping to design two studies. The first will investigate breast cancer screening intervals and modalities (working alongside the KARMA cohort). The second study is a cluster randomised trial to investigate if changes to health centre IT systems can increase the detection of people with chronic kidney disease. The final study I am involved with is an ongoing trial of internet delivered CBT to help reduce anxiety related to asthma.

I have broad experience in both statistics and epidemiology, design and analysis. I particularly enjoy designing studies to make a real impact on clinical outcomes.

I have co-written two Stata programs: clan, which performs cluster-level analysis on data from cluster randomised trials, and slopepower, which calculates sample size estimates for studies where the outcome is a rate over time, and you have prior data.

Teaching portfolio

I am currently helping to write a new Statistics course for the Master's Programme in Molecular Techniques in Life Science. The course will run for the first time from December 2023.