About me

I am a PhD tudent and clinical psychologist at the Centre for Psychiatry Research, with a clinical position at Riddargatan 1, Mottagningen för alkohol och hälsa, Stockholm Centre for Dependency Disorders. 

My main research focus is psychological treatment for alcohol dependent patients with the aim of controlled drinking, predictors of treatment outcome and cognitive function as a predictor of treatment outcome for patients with alcohol dependence. 


Main supervisor: Nitya Jayaram-Lindström

Co-supervisors: Sven Andréasson and Sara Wallhed Finn.


Research description

Phd Project:

Evaluation of Controlled Drinking as a Viable Goal for Alcohol Dependent Patients

- Investigation of psychological treatment, predictors for outcome and the relation between cognitive function and impaired control over alcohol consumption.

Academic honours, awards and prizes

Fund for Psychiatric Research (Sweden) 2018

Travel award; Bertil Göransson's Travel Stipend (2020)

Junior researcher (Travel award) by the Research Society of Alcoholism 2022.

Bror Gadelius Memorial Fund 2022

Yearly scholarship holder of the Swedish Association of Addiction Medicine (2022)