About me

I'm a PhD student in the Doctoral School in Health Care and Science, and are working at the Occupational Therapy division (at NVS) in Flemingsberg.

I'm an Occupational Therapist (OT) since 2009 and have worked at hospitals, care homes and for home health care providers in Sweden. I conducted my master education via the European Master of Science in OT (2015-2017) while living in Austria and working for the OT department in Graz as a teacher and research assistants.

2018 I begun my PhD journey her at KI and belong to the HELD team (https://ki.se/en/nvs/the-held-research-group) and the Future Care team (https://ki.se/en/nvs/research-programme-future-care-for-older-adults-in…).

My project aims to explore what support older adults who has been discharged from hospital receives and the support/or lack of support inflicts on their activity level. In combination with this, I´m also looking at how home care staff perceives their job strain and psychosocial work environment.

In 2019 I published a study on another topic which focus on the relationship of outcome scores when OT´s used observational assessment tools and older adults with/without CI reported with self-percieved assessment tools regarding the ability to use everyday technologies. You´ll find it attached below.



PhD education, KI, 2018-2022

European Master of Science in Occupational Therapy, Amsterdam University, 2015-2017

Bachelor of Medicine Science in Occupational Therapy, Linköping University, 2006-2009

Academic honours, awards and prizes


EIT Health PhD Translational Fellowships, Oxford, 2019

which included prize money as well as participation at a training camp, at Oxford University, that focused on obtaining transferable skills for entrepreneurship training, which includes professional pitch training by a highly-skilled pitch coach and further supported by the technology transfer and intellectual property offices of the universities involved for the duration of their fellowship.