About me

I am a doctoral student at the Division of Speech and Language Pathology since 2014. My doctoral project focuses on speech- and language skills in preschool- and school aged children with the speech motor disorder Childhood Apraxia of Speech (CAS).

In my clinical work, at Skåne University Hospital in Malmö/ Lund, the main focus is assessment, differential diagnosis and intervention in Speech Sound Disorders and CAS, as well as oral motor difficulties. I have clinical experience from SLP positions in Pediatric health care, Primary health care, Community preschool team, Language preschools and Resource team at an International school abroad.

Research description

The research project aims to investigate speech motor ability in children with speech disorders (Speech Sound Disorder, SSD) and describe speech characteristics and symptoms (speech markers) that are characteristic of Swedish children. SSDs may have linguistic and/or motor causes and assessment of the relative distribution is of great importance in order to be able to prepare the right treatment. Difficulties in voluntary planning and programming of the motor movements required for speech, are referred to as Childhood Apraxia of Speech (CAS) and prosody (i.e., the rhythm and melody of language) is often affected. This gives an abnormal speech that often is difficult to understand, negatively affecting the quality of life, sometimes well into school age. 

The first study examines how children with typical development between the ages of three and nine years perform on the tasks in the dynamic motor speech test Dynamisk Motorisk Talbedömning (DYMTA). DYMTA was developed, based on the Dynamic Evaluation of Motor Speech Skills (DEMSS), to map speech motor ability in Swedish children. The test aims to assess motor difficulties in speech production in the procedure of differential diagnosing children with SSD. The result of its dynamic execution also provides information to use in intervention planning. Study two examines the reliability and validity of DYMTA. In study three, speech characteristics (symptoms) from static versus dynamic assessment (DA) are studied and compared, and DA as a method is discussed. Study four examines co-existing functional difficulties (such as motor skills, sensory and self-regulation) in 33 children with CAS.

Teaching portfolio

I teach at the Study Program in Speech and Language Pathology at Lund University annually. The current subjects are Oral dyspraxia, Childhood Apraxia of Speech and Oral motor difficulties and the lectures include both assessment and intervention. I also give courses in CAS for colleagues in Sweden and neighbor countries and also in Dynamic Assessment using DYMTA. In February 2018 I was teaching about Speech Motor Disorders in children at the Study Program in Speech and Language Pathology at University in Tromsø and in August 2018 at the International Summer School in Groningen.


Professional degree in Speech and language Pathology, Lund University 1989

Master of Science (one-year) in Speech and Language Pathology, Lund University 2010

Continuously training during the years, especially in the areas of Developmental Language Disorder, Speech Sound Disorders and Speech Motor Disorders.