Sven Alfonsson

Sven Alfonsson

Adjunct lecturer

Clinical psychologist, psychotherapist, PhD, Associate Professor.
Teacher and researcher at the Centre for Psychiatry Research at Karolinska Institutet.

About me

After graduating from the psychology program at Uppsala University in 2006, I worked as a clinical psychologist at the University Hospital in Uppsala and received my clinical accreditation in 2007. In 2008 I started my PhD training in parallell to my clinical work in a research project focusing on patients with eating disorders and I received my doctoral degree in 2014. For two years I worked as a psychologist and researcher at the Department of Public Health at Uppsala University before moving to the Centre for Psychiatry Research at Karolinska Institutet and Stockholm City Council in 2016. In 2018 I finished the psychotherapist program and received my accreditation as a licensed psychotherapist. I am currently working as a researcher and lecturer with a main responsibility for the first year of the psychotherapist program. My current research focuses on clinical supervision and psychotherapist training.

Research description

My research focuses on:

1. How to measure psychotherapy quality and the associations with therapy outcomes.

2. How to measure clinical supervision quality and the associations with psychotherapists' skills. 

3. How to train psychotherapists in clinical skills.

4. Psychotherapists' personal and professional development.


I am currently supervising two doctoral students: Simon Fagernäs, whose research project focuses on skills training among psychotherapists and Ida Mälarstig whose research project focuses on implementation and evaluation of ACRA treatment in locked institutional care.

Teaching portfolio

At the Centre for Psychiatry Research at Karolinska Institutet I am a course coordinator, examiner, and teacher at the psychotherapist program. This involves teaching psychological treatments for depression and anxiety disorders, research methods, and topics concerning my own research. I also supervise a number of theses for MSc and BSc students.


Licensed psychologist

Licensed psychotherapist

PhD in Clinical Psychology, PhD in Medical Science, Associate Professor in Clinical Psychology