Sven Österberg


Group Manager for the BRM Group at KI's central IT department. Responsible for UF, UL, KIB, MHK

About me

I work as manager for the BRM group within the service unit at KI's central IT department.

The group works with business relations with management and departments and our goal is to create and manage a good relationship and to offer attractive, standardized and well-defined services.

We want to be the department's and the administration's natural contact with ITA when it comes to the needs for technical solutions. The BRM Group also give you information about ITA's future plans, major changes, the launch of new services and planned disruptions. This is done by meeting the business, gathering its needs and acting as a demander within the ITA to ensure that the needs are met.

Get in touch with me or someone in my group if you want to know more about what technical solutions ITA can offer. You can also send your questions to  and they will pass them on to us.  

"If the business is satisfied, we are also satisfied".

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