About me

Tatja Hirvikoski’s current clinical affiliation is at Habilitation & Health, Stockholm, where she has a position as Head of the Unit for Research, Development and Education. Her research affiliation is at Center for Neurodevelopmental Disorders at Karolinska Institutet, KIND.

Research description

Tatja Hirvikoski has long-term research and clinical experience of assessment and treatment of neurodevelopmental disorders in adults. She has been working with development and dissemination of stepped care model for adults with ADHD. A core idea of the model is to combine pharmacological and non-pharmacological treatment methods to meet each individual’s needs and to optimize effective and feasible care pathways. Tatja Hirvikoski and her group has developed the PEGASUS psychoeducational groups for adults with ADHD and their significant others, designed as a first psychological treatment to be combined with pharmacological treatment after established ADHD diagnosis at adult age. She has also studied structured skills training groups for adults with ADHD in an outpatient psychiatric clinic and in the context of compulsory care due to severe substance use disorder. Further research topics of interest are stress and long-term outcome in adults with ADHD. During recent years Tatja Hirvikoski has broaden her research interest to include autism spectrum conditions (ASC) and currently study long-term outcome as well as interventions for people with ASC and their significant others.


Tatja Hirvikoski is Associate Professor (2016) and neuropsychologist (specialist degree 2009).

Academic honours, awards and prizes

During 2016 Tatja Hirvikoski and her co-authors received two international prizes for their publication "Premature mortality in autism spectrum disorder":