About me

Teresa Sörö is a Pediatric Specialist Nurse with a MSc. She has been a strategic education developer at Medical Case Centre (MCC) at Karolinska Institutet since 2012 and are responsible for MCC:s educational programmes. Teresa has a considerable experience in implementation of interactive learning in courses, both in case based learning as well as other interactive activities both in physical meetings and through learning platforms.

Teresa Sörö always try to make a difference. In her early years as a nurse she worked with children with liver-, kidney or cancer diseases and the challenge was to make their days at the hospital as good as possible. After post graduate medical education (PGME) she started to work at a pediatric intensive care unit and the focus included the parents even more. As an educator focus has now shifted to students or faculty instead of sick children and their parents. "I’m still trying to make a difference, and my aim is to make the best conditions for learners with the ultimate goal of having great healthcare professionals securing patients health" she says.

After a clinical break for some years she has recently got back to perioperative medicine and intensive care in Karolinska University Hospital as a strategic educational developer. There she works with faculty and medical educators that are involved in UGME, PGME and CME.

Teaching portfolio

Teresa has been in charge of the development and implementation of a new curriculum in Critical Care Nursing (CCRN) at The Swedish Red Cross University College (SRCUC). In that work she got the opportunity to create a PGME course with a distinct educational vision. The course have a curriculum design that is characterized of student-centered learning with integration between subjects to foster critical thinking.

Teresa is responsible for the 12- month International Educational Leadership Program and the special program on interactive learning that MCC are running. She has been involved as project manager in redevelopment of physical learning environments at Karolinska Institutet's campus Huddinge. One of the latest major assignement is to be in charge of organising the the KI Educational Congress 2016 and 2018.

The most recent years Teresa has explored how interactrive learning can be facilitated through digital media. She is hosting the podcast MedEdTalk and moderates a monthly Twitterchat on medical education through Harvard Macy Institute where she is one of their faculty.


Teresa Sörö is a Pediatric Specialist Nurse with a MSc.Teresa is a Harvard-Macy scholar in medical education at Harvard Medical School and has broaden her teaching experience at Harvard Business School. Her recent studies have focused on how to use technology in health care education as well as curriculum alignment.