Foto: Pia Isaksson

Theo Bodin

Assistant professor

About me

Associate Professor and Resident Physician in Occupational and Environmental Medicine.

Head of the New World of Work research group

Director of the Center for Occupational and Environmental Medicine, Stockholm Region

Research description

My main research focus is non-standard employment arrangements and health

The ever-changing economic environment, technological advancements, general weakening of trade unions and changes in labor laws have led to the emergence of a variety of non-standard work arrangements. There are significant research challenges related to evaluating the consequences of these work arrangements that my research aims to address.

The overall purpose of my current research is to

  1. Deepen the understanding of how non-standard work arrangements affect individuals, families and communities and how these contribute to inequalities in work environment, health and well-being.
  2. Identify initiatives that counteract the negative effects of non-standard work arrangements and increase the ability of workers to participate, exercise empowerment, and live healthy lives.

In addition to this, I have also participated and supported several other research projects in Latin America, Myanmar and Palestine

Most of my research is funded by Forte and involves researchers from other universities in Sweden, Belgium, Spain, Chile, USA and Canada.

Teaching portfolio

I supervise both PhD Students and postdocs and occasionally master students. I teach and supervise medical students and master students in occupational and environmental epidemiology and serve as mentor for medical students.

I am the course leader for the elective course "Comparing Health Systems" during the last semester at the medical program at KI


PhD 2014, Lund University

MD 2010, Linköping University