About me

I’m working within the field of Health Informatics and the sub-field of Consumer Health Informatics. I have a background within the field of Public Health; disease prevention and health promotion. I believe that with the help of eHealth it is possible to increase self-care among persons with chronic conditions, and to promote health in a larger scale. My research interests are:

  • Patients as partners in clinical research – ”citizen science”
  • eHealth services for self-tracking and quantified self
  • User-centered and participatory design

Research description

”Selfcare in patients empowered by eHealth”

To examine how patients with chronic conditions are using eHealth solutions for self-care and to collaborate with healthcare. What are the driving forces for patients/informal caregivers to use eHealth for their health and care? How do different types of eHealth solutions support patient empowerment?

This research is part of the project;

"Lead patients"

The project focus on how to support patients' self-care and participation in healthcare improvement work. Our work will hopefully contribute to radically improving the way healthcare meets the competences and expectations of patients in self-care and improvement work. Patients who are able to assume a greater responsibility for their own health will enable healthcare resources to be reallocated and used for those who need more help. The potential is considerable, both regarding healthcare cost savings, new models for healthcare delivery and new business opportunities. 

Teaching portfolio

3 years of teaching experience within the Masterprogram of Health Informatics at KI, LIME.

  • “Case studies in health informatics”, 5hp, 2015-2017.
  • “Current research and trends in health informatics”, 15hp, 2018-

I have been studying “Pedagogic A + B”, 60hp at Stockholm University, 2008.


Science of Public Health, 180hp, Karolinska Institutet, 2006-2009.

Master’s program in Health Informatics, 120hp, Karolinska Institutet, 2012-2015.

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