About me

I am a registered nurse with a PhD, still clinically active. I am currently working as the head of nursing development at Karolinska University Hospital, Cancer Theme, Department of Upper Abdominal Diseases, with responsibility for clinical research, education, and development.

Research description

I defended my thesis "Person-centered care supported by an interactive app for patients with pancreatic cancer following surgery" in May 2019.

The project evaluated how using an app for self-care and symptom reporting to a contact nurse can enhance the life situation for patients who have undergone the Whipple procedure.

I am a member of the research group ICare at KI/NVS. Also, I have clinical research collaborations within Karolinska Comprehensive Cancer Center. My main research interest is to improve the lifesituation for people who have undergone gastrointestinal surgery. My focus is on how patient-reported outcomes kan be used in clinical care to improve care and outcomes for the individual patient. I am also interested in how patients own learning can be understood and enhanced. 

Please read more about the research group ICare by following the link bellow.

Teaching portfolio

The last couple of years, my teaching work has focused on supervising students who write their master thesis and as clinical supervisor during their clinical education at the hospital. 

During 2022 I will be course leader for a course named Gastro-oncological care and nursing (7.5 credits).

I am currently co-supervisor for one PhD-student.


Bachelor in nursing, degree in 2003

1-year Master in Nursing (courses mainly towards surgical care), degree in 2010

PhD in medical science, degree in 2019