Tomas Jakobsson

Affiliated to research

Research description

My main focus involves studies of the nuclear receptors LXR (Liver X Receptor). The LXRs are ligand activated transcription factors and are important sensors and regulators of cholesterol homeostasis in several metabolic tissues including liver, intestine and macrophages. They also regulate target genes involved in cholesterol-, lipid- and carbohydrate metabolism. Recently, the LXRs have additionally emerged as important regulators of the innate and adaptive immune system and inflammation. To date, my main focus has involved studies of the LXRs and various coregulators in cholesterol metabolism and inflammation. Recently the focus has shifted towards the anti-inflammatory actions of LXR in various tissues/cells including the acute phase response in the liver and inflammatory bowel disease. Collectively, these studies identified novel molecular mechanisms, including promoter and context specific coregulator requirement for LXR, in metabolic and inflammatory tissues and that modulation of LXR activity affects the expression profiles of both metabolic pathways and inflammatory signaling pathways.

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