About me

I am a specialist at the department of anaesthesiology and intensive care, PMI- karolinska university hospital in Stockholm, Solna. I registered as a Ph.D student in February 2016 and will defend my theisis, if according to plan, in the spring of 2020. I am a member of KARISMA, Karolinska research group for major surgery.

Research description

I am studying a novel method for monitoring lung function during general anaesthesia with controlled ventilation. Our method Is a capnodynamic method based on a differentiated Ficks’s principle where you get an on-line monitoring of ELV (effective lung volume) as well as EPBF (effective pulmonary blood flow). We are conducting porcine experiments as well as studies on patients.


I graduated from the Karolinska institute in 2006 and received my specialist diploma in 2015