About me

Adjunct Professor of Medical Radiology at the Department of Clinical Science, Intervention and Technology from February 12, 2020. Primary position: Senior Physician at Karolinska University Hospital.  

Research description

Torkel Brismar is a clinically active radiologist who researches new and improved X-ray methods. He studies, among other things, how the dosage of contrast media can be optimized in computed tomography based on heart function, weight and body type. A common theme in his research is the ambition to develop and evaluate new quantitative measures. These are used to examine skeletal robusticity, liver function or how the body composition changes, for example, with cancer. One conclusion is that individuals with sarcopenic obesity, that is obesity in combination with muscle atrophy, experience more side effects from cytotoxic drugs or chemotherapy, and more often discontinue the treatment.

A significant part of Brismar’s research has focused on osteoporosis, including several major studies on the opportunities and possibilities for screening. His research has shown that relatively simple radiographs obtained in the emergency department or in connection with mammography can be used to identify individuals with increased fracture risk. Professor Brismar is also part of a research collaboration that studies how bears maintain skeletal strength during hibernation. 

Text: From Cell to Society, 2020

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