About me

PhD (Karolinska institutet), licensed psychologist (Stockholm university).

I work at the Department of Psychology at the Division of Clinical Neuroscience and in Pia Enebrink's research group at KI. I teach at the undergraduate and advanced levels and conduct research in clinical psychology. As a psychologist, I have worked clinically in primary care as well as child and adult psychiatry.

Research description

I have a broad clinical research interest. Excessive worry is common among both young people and adults. Strong and uncontrollable worry can increase the risk of other mental health problems, sleep disturbances, and substance abuse. In my research, I investigate theory-driven psychological treatments for worry in adolescents and adults. I hope to increase the understanding of how these treatments affect worry and secondary symptoms such as anxiety and depression, as well as how patients experience them.

I also work with development and evaluation of parent support programs and psychological support for people who have undergone open heart surgery.

In addition to clinical psychological research, I am interested in how contextual factors (such as climate change) affect mental health.

Teaching portfolio

  • Course coordinator for a psychology course in the Occupational Therapy program at KI.
  • Course coordinator for a freestanding course about treatment of mental health problems in primary care.
  • Teacher at the Psychology program at KI.



  • Licensed psychologist, degree from Stockholm University in 2008.
  • PhD, degree from Karolinska Institute in 2020.

Academic honours, awards and prizes

In addition to clinical psychology research, I have a keen interest in climate and sustainability issues, both as issues in their own right and in relation to mental health and education. Sustainable development is an issue that spans many different subject areas. In May 2019, I was awarded the EiNAR Prize for climate work by the Department of Clinical Neuroscience. I have co-founded the climate network at KI, an open network for anyone at KI who is interested in the issue of climate change.