About me

I have a PhD from Karolinska Institutet (2020) and a MS in psychology from Stockholm University (2008). My doctoral thesis is called "Excessive worry in adolescents and adults - development and evaluation of theory-driven treatments".

I am licensed as a clinical psychologist since 2009 and have worked in both child and adult psychiatric care services. I currently share my time between research and teaching at the section of psychology at the Department of Clinical Neuroscience at KI.

In addition to clinical psychology research, I'm interested in climate change and sustainability issues, both as issues in their own right but also linked to mental health and education. I have been involved with founding the climate network at KI, an open network for anyone at KI interested in climate change.

Research description

Excessive worry is a common psychological phenomenon in both youth and adulthood. If left untreated, excessive worry can increase the risk of mental health disorders, insomnia and substance abuse. 

The main focus of my research is on psychological treatments for excessive worry among adolescents and adults how such treatments can affect worry and secondary symptoms as anxiety and depression.

I currently work in a clinical study of internet-delivered treatment for adolescents with excessive worry the Children's Internet Project (BIP) at BUP Stockholm.

Teaching portfolio

I am course leader for a bachelor level course in psychology at KI's occupational therapist program and I teach at KI's master psychologist program. Additionally, I have been a clinical supervisor in studies of psychological treatments for generalized anxiety disorder (GAD) and have been a supervisor for several master's students.

Academic honours, awards and prizes

In May 2019, I was awarded the Department of Clinical Neuroscience EiNAR for climate work.