Tove Wästerlid

Affiliated to research

About me

Currently, I am a resident in Haematology at the Karolinska University Hospital. I finished my PhD-studies at the Department of Oncology, Lund University, in 2016 and have worked with lymphoma research since 2010. In September 2017 I joined the Cancer Epidemiology group at KEP as a post-doc.


Research description

My research focus is on malignant lymphomas, with a special interest in aggressive subtypes such as diffuse large B-cell lymphoma, Burkitt lymphoma and primary mediastinal B-cell lymphoma. By using real-world data from national lymphoma registers linked to other databases I investigate the impact of prognostic factors, treatment and outcomes among patients with lymphoma in a population-based setting. 

Further, I am involved in organising the set-up of BioLymph, a collaborative project that will prospectively collect blood samples for NGS sequencing and cell-free tumour DNA for all patients with newly diagnosed lymphomas at the Karolinska University hospital. I also participate as a co-investigator in several ongoing clinical trials at the department of Haematology.

Teaching portfolio

Main supervisor to doctoral student Johanna Borg Bruchfeld with the project title "Sex-related differences in incidence and outcomes among patients with lymphoma: epidemiological and biological perspectives"

Co-supervisor to doctoral student Joel Joelsson with the project title "Second malignancies after non-Hodgkin lymphoma diagnosis and early identification of patients with poor outcomes"

Mentor at the course in professional development for medical student at Karolinska institutet since 2017


MD, Lund University, 2014

PhD, Lund University, 2016, Thesis title: Burkitt lymphoma and diffuse large B-cell lymphoma – therapeutic strategies and pathogenetic mechanisms

Post-doc, Karolinska Institutet, since 2017


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