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Andy Paparountas

Manager at the Stockholm Medical Image Laboratory and Education (SMILE) facility at the Karolinska Institutet.

Triantafyllos Paparountas

Senior lab manager

Manager at the Stockholm Medical Image Laboratory and Education (SMILE) facility at the Karolinska Institutet.

About me

My mission is to facilitate access to, acquisition and handling of medical images for image scientific processing purposes in research. With expertise as statistics trainer and course organizer, I further support life sciences projects by drawing on comprehensive knowledge in RWD analytics.

I was trained as Bioinformatician and Data Scientist with Interdisciplinary research experience as Project Manager / Data Scientist - Data Manager. With a Ph.D. degree from the Dep. Of Chemical Engineering of the NTUA University of Athens in Greece I continued in-depth education and certification (MBA) in project management, leadership, marketing and economics at the Heriot-Watt University School of Business, and Medical Statistics certification at the Athens University of Economics and Business.

My methodological and theoretical research as well as a considerable portion of my applied and collaborative work as a data scientist, focuses in the field of Epidemiology in Life Sciences and address the development and optimization of novel retrospective and predictive analysis pipelines. These pipelines encompass the stages of dataset incorporation / data digesting / interactive filtering / secure dataset handling & provision and where appropriate, automated statistical analyses and meta-analysis.

Research description

Core facility service description

In my position as the Manager of the Stockholm Medical Image Laboratory and Education (SMILE) facility at the CLINTEC Department of the Karolinska Institute in Sweden, I am setting up the facility with the scopes of providing pseudonymized or anonymized medical image storage for AI medical research in the short term and Radio-Genomics services further down in the future. Through linking medical image technologies (CT/MRI/X-Ray/Ultrasound) with the underlying genomic profile of diseases (GWAS, Methyl-Seq, RNA-Seq, NGS) and the application of artificial intelligence for pattern recognition and predictive modelling based on clinical profiles, we aim to get a step closer to the AI-driven personalized medicine era. Achieving this feat will require transparently linking multiple cloud services, leveraging the know-how of collaborating parties (Medical Doctors / Physicists / Data Scientists / Biomedical engineers) and updating the Swedish legal framework.


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Lecturing, examinations and tutoring in biomedical statistics for multidiciplinary biomedical research students. Codirecting clinical courses in laboratory animal science with focus on experimental design and primary analysis.

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