About me

Former Professor emeritus Mälardalen University, Professor in Business Adminstration Mälardalen University, Guest Professor in Japan and Germany, Adjunkt Professor Uppsala University, Managing Director IPF, Uppsala University, Adjunkt Professor Mälardalen University, Associate Professor Stockholm University, Ph.D. Stockholm University.

My research interest has been and still is to understand and contribute to improved knowledge with respect to the role of intangibles (e.g. health, working environment, competence) in public as well as private organization’s value creation. I have investigated and suggested different analytical frameworks as well as normative management models as complements to more traditional management control tools. Some concepts that have been addressed are human resource costing and accounting, balanced scorecards, intellectual capital, health statements, performance management, and integrated reporting and management. Research has been performed in close cooperation with colleagues from Sweden as well as from many European countries, Japan, Australia and USA.