About me

I am called in at KI as associate professor (20%) in Dental Materials Science to take care of the education in Dental Materials for dental students in particular. My education is at the most based in internet with recorded lectures followed by seminars. Normally I work at Dept. of Cariology, Institute of Odontology/Sahlgrenska Academy, Göteborg as associate professor but I have also a position since 2006 as Professor (Biomaterials) at the Institute for Clinical Dentistry/Factulty of Health Sciences at the Arctic University of Norway (Tromsø). I have sine 1995 worked with dental materials and currently I am leader of a research group (Biomaterials in Dentistry and Medicine) and have an extensive collaboration with Tohoku University (Sendai, Japan). Since 2002 I am a dental materials expert at Swedish standard institute (SIS/TK 327) and become 2007 chairman for the technical committee. I am also assigned to the group dealing with biological evaluation (TK 340).

Research description

My reserach focused mainly on polymers, light curing and adverse reactions and that research is carried out as a collaboration between Göteborg, Tromsø and other partners such as The Royal Institute of Technology (Stockholm). The research dine in collaboration with Japan is focused on microbiology and interaction with dental materials.

Teaching portfolio

Lecturing Dental Materials and adverse reactions since 1995. Since 4 years nearly all my education is based on internet lectures and PBL. The education is followed up by seminars and the teaching is clinically orientated. Main focus is proper understanding about the materials that are used as well as handling and factors affecting longvity. 


Graduated Dentist 1986

PhD (OD) 2000

Professor (BIomaterials) UIT; TRomsø, Norway) 2006

Docent (associate professor) Dental Materials 2009