About me

I am Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in the subject area of Carin Sciences, esp. Nursing Science (2003), an Associate Professor in Perioperative Nursing (2009) and a Professor in Nursing 2012-2018 at Örebro University. Since 2018 I am a Professor of Nursing  at Karolinska Insitutet in combination with a clinical position as University nurse/ specialist nurse at Perioperative Medicine and Intensive Care, Karolinska University Hospital. 

Research description

My research focus is on perioperative care with a special interest in postoperative recovery in generally and postoperative neurocognitive recovery specifically. My research is clinical research and with a person-centered approach.   I lead the  research group Perioperative care https://ki.se/en/nvs/perioperative-care    that focuses on identifying vulnerable groups of persons undergoing surgery and to develop and test person-centered, safe, cost-effective eHealth solutions in order to systematically monitor and support patients in their postoperative recovery.


Teaching portfolio

I have more than 10 years of experience of being examiner for all Clinical and theoretical Courses in Nursing Science, Anaesthetic Nursing in Specialist Nursing Programme - Anaesthesia Care. Five years of experience of being examiner for Nursing Science, Degree Project (Examensarbete – Magister), advanced level. As well as experience of being examiner for other Nursing courser on advanced level such as courses in hygiene. I have been the Director of the, Doctoral Programme in Healthcare Sciences School of Medical Sciences, Örebro university for three years.


Registered Nurse, 1980, Karlstad University, graduate diploma in specialist nursing anaesthesia care, RNA, 1985, University Vest and PhD in Nursing, 2003, Linköping University