About me

Associate Professor (Docent), PhD. Licensed psychologist.



Research description

Cognitive decline is part of the essential symptomatology in a wide spectrum of medical conditions over the life course. The burden of cognitive impairment is severe, often compromising daily life independence in those affected, and their families often carry a large burden. Thus, there is an urgent need for improved support methods, and to provide access to effective methods that could improve the life and care of people with cognitive impairments.

My research platform has two main paths:

1. Creating an innovative research platform that will take a collective approach in developing and evaluate new and efficient psychological treatment- and cognitive rehabilitation methods for cognitively impaired individuals. We will evaluate feasibility and intervention effects. The goal is to improve prevention and psychological health for a patient group that often lacks effective support.

2. To further develop and evaluate the ongoing MemClin project (see URL below). With its large-scale magnitude and population-based multi-center character, the MemClin project is envisioned to provide a unique platform concerning clinically relevant research for many years to come, targeting early clinical manifestations of diverse neurodegenerative disorders and other cognitive conditions. Establishing this large-scale clinical database will enable us to build the robust models required to improve diagnostic dementia accuracy. Ultimately, this effort should be a contribution towards better patient care.