About me

I work as a strategist in research and education at Stockholm Health Care Services since February 2019 and since September 2021 also as a project leader at Stockholm Centre for Health Economics. Previously, I worked at Karolinska Institutet for many years and I am now affiliated to LIME.

I have Bachelor degree in European Business Studies from University of Växjö, Sweden, and a Masters degree in International Management from Johannes Kepler Universität, Austria. Before I came to KI, I worked with quality improvement projects at the Swedish Association of Local Authorities and Regions where I, among other things, was the project leader of the Quality Award for Swedish Healthcare. In August 2013, I defended my thesis "As time goes by: Diabetes mellitus and the health services from short- and long-term perspectives - healthcare utilisation, costs and health-related quality of life".

Research description

The aim of my thesis was to analyse how healthcare utilisation, healthcare costs and health-related quality of life (HRQoL) differed for individuals with diabetes compared to control individuals from the general population and how these differences were associated with disease duration and changes in the health care over time. We also explored diabetes care from an equity perspective.

Our conclusions were that individuals with diabetes seemed to lead rather unrestricted lives with less hospital inpatient care and a higher degree of self-management than 16 years earlier. However, the findings indicated that healthcare utilisation, costs and HRQoL vary by gender and socio-economic background. In addition to having diabetes, being a women, having a low education level or low income, and not being married all had a negative effect on almost all outcome measures addressed in the thesis.

At the moment I am involved in a project on the use of quality registers in elderly care and I am also continuing with questions arisen from my thesis, such as dissatisfaction and social determinants of healthcare utilisation.