About me

I am Assistant Professor at the department of Bioscience and Nutrition at Karolinska Institute.

I completed my master’s degrees in chemistry and molecular biology at the University of Oviedo in Spain. Following my undergraduate studies, I moved to Sweden and joined the labs of Maria Masucci and Nico Dantuma at the Karolinska Institute. There, I performed my doctoral studies investigating whether failure in the ubiquitin-proteasome system contributes to neurodegerative diseases.

Following my graduation, I completed postdoctoral training in the lab of Jacques Neefjes, at the Netherlands Cancer Institute in Amsterdam, where I studied how cells handle organelles and stable macromolecular complexes during mitosis. Based on the results from these studies, I became interested in mitotic asymmetries, where proteins, membrane compartments, organelles or even DNA are asymmetrically distributed between two daughter cells.

Currently, I am principal investigator on studies on the role of centrosomes in asymmetric cell division.


Main interests:

Asymmetric cell division, centrosome inheritance, cancer, protein quality control, yeast, high-content microscope screening, live-cell imaging


Previous research appointments:

Neefjes lab

van Leeuwen lab

Dantuma lab

Masucci lab

Research description

Recently, a strong correlation between centrosome age and fate has been reported in a number of asymmetric dividing stem cells. The main goal of our research is to understand how this stereotyped centrosome behavior occurs at the molecular level. We use budding yeast as a model for asymmetric cell division in combination with proteomics, genetics and advanced fluorescent microscopy.


Post-doctoral research fellow, Division of Cell Biology The Netherlands Cancer Institute (NKI), Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Ph.D. in Medicine, Cell and Molecular Biology (CMB), Karolinska Institute, Stockholm, Sweden

M.Sc. in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, University of Oviedo, Spain

M.Sc. in Organic Chemistry, University of Oviedo, Spain

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