Viktor Månsson

PhD Student

lic. psychologist

Research description

Pilot study emotion regulation group treatment for Gambling Disorder

This study will examine the feasability and acceptability of a novel group treatment manual for individuals with Gambling Disorder and psychiatric comorbidity. The treatment will focus on emotion regulation strategies such as acceptance, values and problem solving skills. This study is conducted in cooperation with Center for Dependency Disorders (Beroendecenrum) Stockholm.

Craving to Gamble and Craving for Alcohol: a Comparative phenomenological Study

Craving plays a central role in Alcohol Use Disorder (AUD) both in maintenance and in relapse. Craving is also evident in Gambling Disorder (GD), as a symptom of withdrawal proposed to be associated with continued gambling. However, it is less well understood and currently not a criterion in the DSM 5 for GD. 

The proposed study will use a mixed method approach to compare and contrast the craving experience among 20 individuals with GD with 20 individuals with AUD.  To be included in the study the participants must fulfil the respective diagnostic criteria's, be abstinent (minimum 5 days to maximum 3 weeks) and treatment seeking. The experience of craving will be measured in terms of, type of cognitions (mental imagery vs verbal thoughts) content of the craving, possible activation of perceptual processes without sensory input and the individual’s response to the craving experience. Quantitative data will include ratings of frequency and intensity of cravings within the last week, as measured by the Craving Experience Questionnaire (CEQ) and qualitative items will include items aiming to describe the craving concept embedded in the study (e.g. “describe your last craving experience”).



M.Sc. Psychology