Vladislav Kuzin

Postdoctoral researcher

About me

I came to Stockholm from the snowy valleys of Siberia, where in 2017 I graduated from Novosibirsk State University, specializing in bio-medical physics. My previous project consisted of studying main physical and chemo-physical properties of latex microspheres and studying cellular response to mechanical stress caused by elevated hydrostatic pressure. Now I am a PhD student and my focus in the group is studying the regulatory interactions of TOP2 and RNAPII. Deciphering the factors and the molecular mechanisms of TOP2 regulation may be an effective novel strategy for targeting the stimulation of TOP2 activity in different types pf tumors. In my current project I will address this question from different sides by characterizing structural requirements of RNAPII and TOP2 interactions using such techniques as in vitro pull down assays and in vitro relaxation assays, studying genomic distributions of TOP2 sites of occupancy and activity with variations of ChIP-seq and performing combinatorial drug screening with TOP2 and transcription inhibitors. I especially enjoy the experimental part of the research and I am really enthusiastic about learning bioinformatics analysis of sequencing data.