Associate Professor (Docent)

Weili Xu

Lecturer senior

Associate Professor & Senior Researcher

About me

I earned Ph.D. in Geriatric Epidemiology at Karolinska Institute in 2008. During 2008-2012, I worked as a postdoctoral researcher. Thereafter, I was rewarded the 4-year funding for a Research Associate position (forskarassistent) from the Board of Research, Karolinska Institutet during 2013-2016. From 2017, I have been employed as a senior researcher. So far, I have supervised 6 PhD students (2 current and 4 defended).

Research description

My current research includes the following topics: the influences of diabetes, obesity, dental health, and diet/nutrition on cognitive aging, dementia and survival, and early identification and care of dementia.


Members of the research group:

Jie Guo, PhD student

Abigail Dove, PhD student

Cristina Dintica, Postdoc (affiliated)

Johan Fastbom, Professor


Research funding:


Swedish Research Council

Konung Gustaf V:s och Drottning Victorias Frimurarestiftelse



PhD, Karolinska Institutet: 2008

Associate professor: 2013

Senior researcher: 2017

Academic honours, awards and prizes

“The Best Clinical Diabetological Dissertation, 2008” from Swedish  Diabetes Association (Svensk Förening för Diabetologi)