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Yongtao Xue-Franzén

Senior lab manager

Department and organisational affiliation:

About me

I am a senior lab manager who plays roles both in lab management and research.  I have intensive research experiences, great organising and communication skills, as well as language proficiency and multi-culture background. Not only that I make good routines for our research our lab functioning  smoothly and in safety,  I also co-ordinate our research unit with 11 laboratories at Biomedicum, and guarantee  the efficient usage of the shared resources.  


*Lab administration and co-ordination between labs and facilities, established lab database. 

*Well trained in basic principles and techniques of molecular biology and biochemistry, expertee in PCR and qPCR, experienced in protocol modification and  trouble shootings. Extensive experience in genotyping (Also modified many genotyping protocols with melting curve run for efficiency.) 

*Genome-wide research: experimental techniques, data analysis, software application and bioinformatics

*Neuroscience, immunohistochemistry and transgenic technology. 


Beyond science:

* Course: From Research to Business, organized by Vinnova and esbri (Entrepreneurship and Small Business Research Institute), 15 ECTS credits


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