Doktorand vid CPF

Youstina Demetry

PhD student

About me

I am a psychologist and a PhD candidate situated at Kompetenscentrum för Psykoterapi.

Main supervisor: Dr. Shervin Shahnavaz

Co-supervisors: Professor Gerhard Andersson

                           Associate Professor Pia Enebrink

                           Associate Professor Lilianne Eninger

Research description

My research focuses on evaluating the feasibility, acceptability and effectiveness of culturally adapted internet-based cognitive behavioural therapy for Arabic-speaking young adults. I also research on the feasibility, acceptability and effectiveness of culturally adapted iKomet parental intervention for Arabic-speaking parents. 


Hiltunen, L., Kvillemo, P., Demetry, Y., Gripenberg, J., Elgán, T. H., & Skoglund, C. (2022). Risky drinking cultures among affluent youth in Sweden. Frontiers in public health, 2095.

Lindegaard, T., Wasteson, E., Demetry, Y., Andersson, G., Richards, D., & Shahnavaz, S. (2022). Investigating the potential of a novel internet-based cognitive behavioural intervention for Dari and Farsi speaking refugee youth: A feasibility study. Internet Interventions, 100533.

Klint Carlander, A-C., Thorsell, M., Demetry, Y., Nikodell, S., Kopp Kallner, H., Skoglund, C. (2022) Knowledge, challenges, and standard of care of young women with ADHD at Swedish youth clinics, Sexual & Reproductive Healthcare, 32, 100727.

Kvillemo, P., Hiltunen, L., Demetry, Y., Carlander, A. K., Hansson, T., Gripenberg, J., ... & Skoglund, C. (2021). How to prevent alcohol and illicit drug use among students in affluent areas: a qualitative study on motivation and attitudes towards prevention. Substance abuse treatment, prevention, and policy16(1), 1-13.