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Yuan Jiang

PhD Student

Research description

I am a PhD student in Ingrid Kockum's research group, mainly under Xia Jiang's supervision. In my PhD project, I bend my efforts to genetic epidemiology. The title of my research project is "Using larger-scale genetic data and complied analytical strategy to understand the etiology and sex disparity of multiple sclerosis". I use extensive genetic information, as well as publicly available Genome-Wide Association Study summary statistics on modifiable environmental exposures, to assess a putative causal relationship and shared genetic component between risk factors and multiple sclerosis (MS).

Currently, I'm mainly involved in the following projects:

  1.  Understand the role of hormonal exposure and risk of multiple sclerosis - a population-based approach and a genome-wide cross-trait analysis (polycystic ovarian syndrome, sex hormones, and risk of MS)
  2. A genome-wide cross-trait analysis between modifiable lifestyle factors and multiple sclerosis (obesity and MS, body mass index, waist-to-hip ratio)
  3. A genome-wide cross-trait analysis between nutritional exposure and multiple sclerosis (vitamin D and MS)
  4.  A genome-wide cross-trait analysis between multiple sclerosis and its neurological comorbidities (depression, anxiety, and MS)