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Zhiqiang Huang

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About me

I am currently working as a PostDoc in Eckardt Treuter's lab with the study interest in molecular regulation in macrophages. Our work aims to understand how the co-regulator, transcription factor, epigenome, and DNA microenvironment together change the gene expression in macrophages.  It will also help us to find a potential therapeutic target to improve the type 2 diabetes-related adipose tissue inflammation.





2005,09-2009,07: Bachelor in Veterinary Science, Sichuan Agricultural University, China.

2009,09-2012,07: Master in Veterinary Science, Jilin University, China.

2013,03-2018,11: PhD, Karolinska Institutet,Sweden.

2018,12-  Now :   PostDoc, Karolinska Institutet,Sweden.