Performance management dialogue

Employee performance is part of the KI´s process to monitor and ensure the quality and performance on an individual level. This process is called Performance Management.

Two colleagues talking
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A structured dialog between managers and employees about overall operations and strategy and how each employee can contribute to business development is a prerequisite for KI to maintain its position as a leading medical university. It is also important that managers and employees have the opportunity to discuss the conditions for achieving good results, such as, for example's resources, work environment and collaboration.

Performance management dialog 1 shall be conducted during the period from December to March on the basis of what each institution decides. The manager and the employee discuss what should achieved during the year and conditions for an optimal result.

Performance management dialog 2 shall normally be conducted in connection with salary review during the period September to December, on the basis of what each institution decides. This dialog focus on how the employ has performed due to the results requested in performance management dialog 1. The evaluation form the basis for a new salary.