Posting of employees in Sweden

Posting of employees to Sweden means that an employer of another country temporarily stations an employee in Sweden where they are asked to carry out their work at a local recipient during a set time-period. As an employer KI has the capacity to receive foreign employees who are expected to carry out work for our organisation.

There are three main posting circumstances, where the employees will carry out work or provide a service for a recipient in Sweden and:

  1. work under the employer's business contract with the recipient, or
  2. be temporarily hired directly by the recipient, or
  3. be hired by another company abroad who in-turn post them in Sweden.

The rules governing postings can be found in the following links: Lag (1999:678) om utstationering av arbetstagare and förordning (2017:319) om utstationering av arbetstagare (only available in Swedish).

Employer obligations

The employer has an obligation to report all postings in Sweden to the ‘Swedish Work Environment Authority's service’ Report a posting, and to monitor and ensure that employees receive their rights in accordance with Swedish rules and any collective agreements.

More information about the employer's obligations and posted workers' rights and obligations can be found on the Swedish Work Environment Authority's website.

Obligations of the service recipient

KI is the recipient of the service if we receive a service in exchange for remuneration through an agreement with an employer abroad who regulates which service the posted employee is to carry out for us. KI is also a service recipient if we temporarily hire employees from a company in another country to perform the service. In which case the employees can be hired to KI directly from a foreign employer or indirectly via another company abroad.

The following is applicable to KI

  • When KI receives an employee who is employed by an employer in another country and who is to perform a service for KI, usually consultants or other hired staff, the foreign employer must notify the Swedish Work Environment Authority no later than the day the employee starts work in Sweden. This is done via the Swedish Work Environment Authority's website and a receipt must be shared and saved with the receiving institution. Documentation can, for example be the confirmation the employer has received from the Swedish Work Environment Authority via e-mail when they have registered an employee.
  • If KI does not receive any documentation, this must be reported to the Swedish Work Environment Authority no later than three days after the work in Sweden has begun. Information on how to report is available on the Swedish Work Environment Authority's website

KI's operations often involve individual employees, often employed by other universities or research institutes, from other countries. This may, for example, refer to persons who, within the framework of various programs, participate in research and educational exchanges or who for a limited period spend time in a research group as part of their qualifications as researchers or teachers. For some of these individuals, affiliation may be relevant in accordance with KI’s rules and instructions for affiliation. However, it is not necessarily the case that an employer in another country is obliged to report posting for all their employees who in some way affiliated with KI's operations. For this to be an obligation, the employee must be posted by their employer to perform a service for KI.

Please bear in mind that

  • visiting professors must be notified by their employer, if it is an employer in another country, or by KI if we have not received proof of a receipt from the other employer for reporting the posting.
  • scholarship recipients shall not be registered even if they have another employer in another country. This also applies if the scholarship recipient is to some extent employed by KI.

Ulla Tunkara

International coordinator
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