Practicalities and guidelines - student care at LIME

The following guidelines for student care apply for courses at undergraduate and advanced levels including elective/optional courses. They do not apply for courses within executive and professional education.

Student care aims to promote a positive atmosphere and foster good relations between students and those responsible for education at LIME.

Light refreshments - Studentfika

LIME offer light refreshments, at a reasonable level, for a good study environment and to improve the quality of education.

Refreshments are offered to all students and teachers who are present on the specified occasion within the respective undergraduate & advanced or elective course.

During the course planning, course leaders formulate suggestions for occasions, at which learning goals are promoted, where they would like light refreshments to be served. These suggestions are then put to the respective Programme Directors (programme course) / Director of Education (GUA) (non-programme course).

PD/GUA make the final decision.

Occasions when light refreshment is offered:

  • At the beginning of the program and/or course.
  • At the end of the program.
  • During student-driven activities with educational content, which aims at reaching specific learning goals. 2 occasions per term.
  • At receptions such as Lucia/ Christmas mingle, end of school year celebrations (to be compared with staff parties and may take place twice a year so as not to incur benefit tax.

Definition of light refreshment:

Coffee, tea, pastry or smaller sandwich (not meals).

Orders and costs

Orders are placed by the educational administrators using KI caterings suppliers. Once the order has been placed it will be charged as a student cost in the course budget.

Educational FIKA

If you would like to offer “Educational FIKA” within the programme, have a look at the page Order catering/Beställa catering. (The English page is not yet ready.)


If you have any questions regarding student care or information for teachers or people otherwises involved in education at LIME, contact us at (Lime Educational Committee).

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