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Previa - occupational health service

If you are an employee or a scholarship-funded doctoral/post-doctoral student, you can turn to Previa in the event of any work-related health issue. By work-related, we mean that there must be a connection between your health and your ability to work, and to the demands at work.

Work-related issues include conditions that are directly caused by your work, are exacerbated by your work or are assumed to be connected to your work. Conditions such as influenza and other respiratory-tract infections are not considered to be work-related – in such cases, you should consult your own health centre. If you are uncertain about anything, you can call any of Previa’s units for advice.

All appointments must be booked in advance. If you have booked an appointment but are unable to attend, it must be cancelled at least 24 hours in advance – otherwise Previa will issue an invoice for the appointment. A certain emergency service is available for the treatment of needle sticks/other cuts where there is a risk of blood infection.

The agreement is a framework agreement; for more information about what is included in Sweden’s Legal, Financial and Administrative Services Chamber’s (Kammarkollegiet) framework agreements for occupational health service, visit

On Previa’s website, you can subscribe to an electronic newsletter and read interesting articles concerning work environment.

Services that can be ordered from Previa

As an employee or a scholarship-funded doctoral/post-doctoral student at KI you can order the following services:

  • Two appointments per year with a specialist of your choosing: doctor, nurse, physiotherapist, ergonomist, behavioural scientist or psychologist. If additional appointments are required, these must be confirmed with your immediate manager. You can also turn to your local HR department.
  • Treatment for needle sticks/other cuts, bites or other forms of blood contamination.
  • Vaccinations for Hepatitis B. When necessary, also for Hepatitis A+B.
  • Statutory medical examinations when, for example, working with laboratory animals or thermosetting plastics.

For more information about Previa’s other services and how they can be requested (by, for example, managers) and funded, see the ‘Previas services’ matrix.

The Previa unit with which KI primarily colloborates

Previa Vasastan
Sankt Eriksgatan 113, floor 6
SE-113 43 Stockholm

Appointment and counselling
Telephone: 46(0)0771-23 00 00
Monday to Friday (excluding public holidays): 8.00 am-5.00 pm

You can also contact/visit Previa´s other units within the county if you so wish.

Previa´s customer manager for KI
Johanna Haag
Telephone: 46(0)8-789 14 11

Contact person at KI for general questions
Margareta Bratt Carlström
Telephone: 46(0)8-524 879 78