Procurement support

Contact the unit for purchasing and procurement already in the planning phase if you need support in a procurement process.

If the value of your purchase is higher than 700 000 SEK for the entire KI, we at the unit for Purchasing and Procurement will help you.

Request for Procurement support

Procurements that exceed 700 000 SEK must always be carried out by the Purchasing and Procurement unit.

In order to have the procurement procedure completed as quickly as possible, requests for procurement support should be sent to the Purchasing and Procurement unit already in the planning phase of the procurement. There are great quality and time savings in that the cooperation between the purchasing and procurement unit and stakeholders begins long before the desired delivery time or contract start.

The Purchasing and Procurement unit needs good foresight for its planning. Otherwise delivery of goods/services can not be promised within the time frame.

How to apply for Procurement support

Fill in all the columns in the Excel template. Send the signed request for procurement support to us to


If you have any questions, please contact the Purchasing and Procurement Unit.


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