Research group page

A research group or project page on KI's website describes your research and makes it more accessible to fellow researchers or to the general public.

In order to create a research group page you can start out by filling in the information listed on this page. You can also download the document "Template - research group presentation", fill in the information about your research/project and research group and send it to the communicator/webmaster at your department.

If you would like to become an editor at, you will need to complete the self-study course in Drupal as well as attend a course on effective web communications.

The following information should be included in your research group/project presentation

The name of your research group/research project

The research group or project name can be combined with the group leader's name.

Short introductory text about the research in your group

Describe the main research focus in a way that would be suitable for the general public (no complicated details), and why the research is important. Include information that will last over time. You do not need to go into specific projects here. Use a maximum of 1500 characters including spaces for this text.

The name of the research group leader

You do not need to include email addresses. Contact information is automatically generated from the KI personnel database.

Group members

List group members including their first and last names and their titles. You do not need to include e-mail addresses. Contact information will be generated automatically from the KI staff database for each group member.

If you wish to include previous members of the group, please list them here (with their current affiliation, if relevant).


Indicate collaborations with other researchers.


List current research projects in the group. Write their full names as headings. What is the aim of the project? Collaborations, financial support with more. Use a maximum of 2500 characters including spaces for this text.

Research support

List the research funding bodies that support the research in your lab, for example:

  • Swedish Research Council
  • Karolinska Institutet


List a maximum of ten relevant articles published by the research group members and include PubMed ID when available. The article title, names of authors and a direct link to the PubMed entry will appear on the page.


If you have pictures that may be suitable, illustrating specific projects, group members, etc., please email all pictures to the communicator/webmaster at your department as separate image files. Do not paste the images/photos in this document.

Name image files according to what they show, for instance “karin_larsson_group_leader.jpg”.

Remember to mention the name of the photographer/illustrator and make sure that you have the copyright to use the pictures on the web.

Link to your research group page from your profile page

Make sure that all members of the research group link to the research group page from their personal profile pages on Your profile page is generally the first hit when a search is made on your name on KI’s web. An updated profile page will make it easier to get in touch with the right person and competence, both for external visitors and staff at KI.

Documents and other files

Forward any document you would like to be uploaded to your web pages (PDF, Word, Excel, PowerPoint).

Film clips or audio

Movie clips/videos or audio files may be embedded providing they have the right format. Contact the communicator/webmaster at your department to find out more.


Links can be added to your research group page. Provide relevant information to the communicator/webmaster at your department.

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