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Research group page

An updated research group or project page on our website will make you and your group discoverable. Your profile and research group page is usually the first hit of a search on your name via KI's search engine ( and often also the first hit when searching, for example Google.

If the page is also linked to your profile page, it's easier to get in touch with you and your group, both for general publik and for other employees. Also, be sure to update your profile page so that all details are correct.
If you are not an editor at, fill in the document with information about your research and your research group and send to the communicator/editors at your institution. If you want to be an editor at you need to go through the self-study course in Drupal and a teacher-led course in web communication.

This should be part of your research group and project presentation

1. The name of your research grouop or research project

The research/project name can be combined with the group leader's name.

2. Short introductory text about the research in your group

Describe the main research focus for the group in a general way, no complicated details, and why the research is important. Include information that will last over time, do not go into specific projects here. Use a maximum of 1500 characters including spaces for this text.

3. The name of the research group leader

You do not need to include email addresses with more. Contact information is automatically generated from the KI personnel database.

4. Group members

List the first and last names of all group members, and their titles. You do not need to include e-mail addresses with more. Contact information will be generated automatically from the KI staff database for each group member.
If there are previous members of the group that you also want to mention, please list them here.

5. Collaborations

Please indicate collaborations with other researchers here.

6. Projects

Describe the current research projects in the group. Write their full names as headings. What is the aim of the project? Collaborations, financial support with more. Use a maximum of 2500 characters including spaces for this text.

7. Research support

List the research funding bodies that support the research in your lab, for example:

  • Swedish Research Council
  • Karolinska Institutet

8. Articles

Please include the PubMed ID of a maximum of TEN relevant articles published by group members. Article title, author names with more, plus a direct link to its entry in PubMed will appear on the page.

9. Pictures

If you have other pictures that may be suitable, illustrating specific projects, group members with more, please email all pictures to your communicator/webmaster as separate image files. Do not paste them into this document. Name image files according to what they show, for example “karin_larsson_group_leader.jpg”. Note that you must make sure that you have the copyright to use the pictures on the internet.

10. Use the same text on your English page

Do not forget to link from your profile page to your research/project group page.
If you choose to only write the project in English, be clear and refer to the Swedish page for more information about the project on the English page.

Optional extras

11. Documents and other files

Please forward any documents you want to upload to your web pages, pdf files, Word files with more, and indicate where they should be uploaded.

12. Film clips or audio

It is possible to embed movie clips or audio files in some formats. If you have movies or sounds that you want to embed on your page, please contact your communicator/webmaster.

13. Links

Please link to relevant information.