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Research News – news letter

The last issue of Research News was published on the 4th of June 2019. In September there will be a new university-wide news letter, covering not only organisation news in research but also doctoral education and education. The Research News archive will, however, be kept bellow.

Research News is an internal newsletter that reports on issues related to the organisation and conditions in research at Karolinska Institutet. The main target group the university's own researchers.

Research News monitors, among other things, decisions and ongoing discussions in the Faculty Board, the Committee for Research, and the Infrastructure Committee. The newsletter is produced and distributed by the Communications and Public Relations Office, with four or five issues per semester. Due to the changes in the management organisation of KI as from 1 January 2019, the editorial routines for Research News will also change.


Questions about old Research News and the new newsletter? Please send a message to:

Archive 2019

Research News June 2019

Some of the headlines:

  • Last issue of Research News – the Academic Vice-President of Research comments
  • New strategic umbrella organisation for cancer research at KI
  • Seven new professorships to connect research and education

Research News April 2019

Some of the headlines:

  • Strategy 2030 approved by the Board of Directors (konsistoriet)
  • Extended responsibilities for the Committees
  • New consolidator grant in the career ladder

Research News March 2019

Some of the headlines:

  • Three new Honorary Doctors
  • A digital booking-system for core facilities is being procured
  • The call for proposals in the career ladder 2019 on its way

Research News February 2019

Some of the headlines:

  • The Committee for Research has started its work
  • Publish open access for free in more journalis
  • Register for the SDG conference

Archive 2018

Research News December 2018

Some of the headlines:

  • Some final words of the retiring Dean and Pro-Dean of Research
  • Recommendation on next year's "career ladder"
  • Addiotional decions on core facility funding
  • Members of the new Research Committee appointed

Research News November 2018

Some of the headlines:

  • Bibliometric components in allocation of activity funds to the departments will change
  • These may apply for funding of national research infrastructures
  • Three new campus Deans appointed

Research News October 2018

Some of the headlines:

  • Investment in electron microscopy at KI
  • Funding of five visiting professors who are women
  • New routines for quality-safe registration of doctoral students

Research News September 2018

Some of the headlines:

  • Reduced rent in ANA8 and Neo in Flemingsberg too.
  • Almost SEK160 million allocated for expensive equipment to selected core facilities.
  • Three new deputy vice-president elected – start working in January 2019
  • Warning of predatory conference organisers

Research News June 2018

Some of the headlines:

  • 30 core facilities will share SEK 290 million
  • Ten candidates for the posts as deputy vice-presidents in the upcoming election
  • Decision in the Macchiarini case
  • How to make use of altmetrics

Research News May 2018

Some of the headlines:

  • The national agreement between Bibsam and Elsevier has been cancelled
  • KI opens a Research Data Office (RDO)
  • New applications process for doctoral students

Research News April 2018

Some of the headlines:

  • Clinical Research at KI/SLL of the highest quality
  • The Board of Research funds FM-rent in Biomedicum
  • Revised scholarship regulations
  • The high impact publications list to be automatic this summer

Research News March 2018

Some of the headlines:

  • New centre for TB research at KI
  • Information on academic elections
  • Working process for Strategy 2030
  • They are KI's honorary doctors of 2018

Research News February 2018

Some of the headlines:

  • Decision about the "Career Ladder"
  • Priority risks 2018 of the Board of Research
  • Call for central funding of core facilitites

Archive 2017

Research News December 2017

Some of the headlines:

  • The position "forskarassistent" remains in the KI Career Ladder in 2018
  • She is awarded Sven Gard's prize for best doctoral thesis in virology
  • Digital tool för individual study plans for new doctoral students

Research News November 2017

Some of the headlines:

  • The Board's budget 2018
  • Faculty funded career positions 2017
  • Vice-Chancellor visited the Board of Research

Research News October 2017

Some of the headlines:

  • Nominate honorary doctors for 2018
  • Follow-up of the translational theme centres
  • Success for KI in the call for national infrastructures
  • KI seeks new Scientific Director at SciLifeLab

Research News September 2017

Some of the headlines:

  • A word from the Dean of Research – things are going well for KI's research
  • Evaluation of the clinical research
  • The Vice-Chancellor to visit the departments

Research News June 2017

Some of the headlines:

  • Gender equality and equal terms on the agenda
  • Plan for follow-up of Strategic Research Areas
  • Final decision on electronic research documentation

Research News May 2017

Some of the headlines:

  • Proposal for obligatory electronic notebook in research at KI
  • Ole Petter Ottersen new Vice-Cancelor and Anna Falk coordinator for core facilities
  • Green light in doctoral education

Research News April 2017

Some of the headlines:

  • Joint meeting of faculty boards
  • No extension of support for strategic recruitments
  • Two new head of deaprtment appointed
  • Priority risks 2017


Research News February 2017

Some of the headlines:

  • Ole Petter Ottersen proposed as new Vice-Chancellor
  • Working group to review allocation models
  • A new Infrastructure Committe formed
  • The Career Ladder call is now open


Archive 2016

Research News December 2016

Some of the headlines:

  • Vice-Dean of Infrastructure appointed
  • The Dean comments on the gouvernment's research bill
  • Nominate candidates for the new ethics council
  • KI signs collaboration agreement with MSD


Research News November 2016

Some of the headlines:

  • The board's budget for 2017 settled
  • Discussion on new quality indicators for research
  • StratRegen announces calls for funding
  • They are offered positions within the "carreer ladder" programme


Research News October 2016

Some of the headlines:

  • The work with next year's budget of the Board of Research
  • An increasing number of senior professors
  • Nominate Honorary Doctors for 2017
  • They have the chance to become Wallenberg Clinical Scholars


Research News September 2016

Some of the headlines:

  • A follow-upp on the activity support to appoint women as professors and visiting professors
  • Briefly about the Recruitment Committee annual report 2015
  • Christian Rück first guest of KI Discovers this autumn
  • The Vice-Chancellor commissioned to present a plan of action due to the Heckscher report


Research News June 2016

Some of the headlines:

  • Anders Gustafsson appointed Dean of Research
  • KI’s comments on the research-career investigation
  • Announcement chairperson for KI’s Biosecurity Committee
  • Update your profile page in this summer


Research News May 2016

Some of the headlines:

  • Hearings with candidates for the position of Dean of Research
  • Investigation on radiation sources in research at KI
  • Course in leadership for PIs
  • New heads of department at MTC, MBB and MMK


Research News April 2016

Some of the headlines:

  • Anders Gustafsson acting Dean of Research
  • Propose candidates for the Dean election
  • The Research Career investigation finalized
  • Advertise for research subjects on


Research News March 2016

Some headlines:

  • Hans-Gustaf Ljunggren's last board meeting
  • Over 11 million for national infrastructures
  • Annual report – what FS did last year


Research News February 2016

Some headlines:

  • Information about the case of criticized researcher on the website
  • Call for applications – faculty funded career positions 2016
  • VR funding of research infrastructure – outcome of KI proposals not as good as expected


Archive 2015

Research News EXTRA December 2015

  • New address recommendations for KI/SCC publications


Research News December 2015

Some headlines:

  • New ALF agreement
  • KI's view on the forthcoming research bill
  • KI Prisma


Research News November 2015

Some headlines:

  • Nominate 2016 year's honorary doctors
  • Definition of the concept "research basis of education"
  • KID-funding 2016 and 2017


Research News September 2015

Some headlines:

  • Inventory of infrastructure needs
  • Core facílities


Research News May 2015

Some headlines:

  • KI's Strategic Research Areas evaluated as excellent
  • KI's research networks – the process forward


Research News February 2015

Some headlines:

  • Academic leadership at the research group level
  • Senior Professor


Archive 2014

Research News December 2014

Some headlines:

  • New announcement for core facilities
  • No new announcement for theme centres
  • Centre for Clinical Therapy


Research News November 2014

Some headlines:

  • The budget process in the Board of Research
  • Prisma application system
  • New routines for KI Foundations & Funds


Research News September 2014

Some headlines:

  • Strategy 2018
  • National ALF-agreement
  • Research quality
  • Deputy Vice-Chancellor for Innovation


Research News June 2014

Some headlines:

  • New Deans appointed
  • New rule document for scholarships
  • New rules for residence permit for doctoral students
  • New national research school


Research News April 2014

Some headlines:

  • Revised regulations for docentur
  • Checking theses for plagiarism
  • Report from the Recruitment Committee


Research News February 2014

Some headlines:

  • ORCID researcher identity
  • Center for Innovative Medicine
  • Report on the quality and research connection of education (Swedish)


Research News January 2014

Some headlines:

  • Career track for young researchers
  • Investment in KI’s research networks
  • Support for recruitment of female professor
  • All places in a program at third cycle should be advertised


Archive 2013

Research News November 2013

Some headlines:

  • One united KI-group at SciLifeLab
  • New rules regarding doctoral grants and studentships
  • Start-up for SweToc RC


Research News October 2013

Some headlines:

  • Central strategic investments
  • Research link of education
  • KI's research networks
  • Legal coodination within medical cell therapy
  • Evaluation of the SFOs


Research News September 2013

Some headlines:

  • KI's organisation within SciLifeLab
  • New management for research center in Huddinge
  • InnoLIFE – large application
  • Revised recommendation for authorship