Revision of ISP - half-time review (ISP-system)

In connection with the half-time review, you have to update and possibly revise the individual study plan. You also have to fill out the date for half-time control and upload new documents. Below is a proposal on how the process can look like. If the half-time control is in conjunction with the annual follow-up, the study plan should be revised.

  1. The supervisor reconciles with the director of doctoral education and books in the half-time review, see the details for the half-time review on the staff portal and your specific department's website.
  2. The supervisor creates a new version of the study plan by clicking on "study plans" in the menu bar, search for the doctoral student in the list, click on "revise". The previously established study plan is archived automatically in the system.
  3. Update the study plan together (for examples on what should be revised, see the page for annual follow-up, user guide further down or information on the staff portal about goals of graduate studies)

The following can only be completed/revised by the main supervisor:

  • Research school (if applicable)
  • Planned funding
  • Available fixed resources
  • Details about principal and co-supervisors
  • Division of supervisory duties
  • Obligatory courses.
  1. Note in tab 7 the date of the follow-up meeting if you have had one.
  2. Print the revised study plan without approving it.
  3. Conduct the half-time seminar in accordance with the instructions from KI centrally and your department.
  4. After the seminar, make necessary adjustments to the study plan. Remember to note the date of the half-time seminar (tab 4.5)
  5. Upload the following documents (if applicable) before the doctoral student approves the study plan and it goes into the establishment process.
  • Half-time summary
  • Copy of the half-time review protocol
  • Copy of decision in case of change of supervisor, topic or department
  • New or updated ethical approvals, financial plans etc.
  • Published manuscripts

For more detailed instructions, see the user guide below.