Risk assessment for campus-based course or other learning activity

The basic rule for doctoral courses and other learning activities that are offered during the covid-19 pandemic is that they should be implemented remotely, until further notice. However, there are some exceptions, but before a decision is taken to plan these for a physical location, a risk assessment must be made.

In order to clarify what applies to doctoral courses at KI, the Committee for Doctoral Education (KFU) has made a decision describing the type of exempted courses/course modules, including examinations.

The basic rule is:

Theoretical doctoral courses are given remotely.

The exceptions for distance teaching are:

  1. Doctoral courses that include hands-on skills training that cannot be digitally arranged (for example, hands-on use of certain equipment such as microscopes, animal handling, experimental techniques, computer-based exercises that require software that is otherwise unavailable) or essential demonstrations that cannot be done asynchronously. These can be completely or partially exempted from the rule of distance teaching.
  2. Doctoral courses that run in parallel with undergraduate and graduate courses (usually master's courses), if the latter are planned for campus teaching.
  3. Practical skills examinations involving trial subjects, animals, software or techniques / procedures that are not available digitally.

In addition, the decision of the KFU clarifies:

  1. that other learning activities organised by doctoral programmes, research schools or the Course and Program Committee shall, if possible, be organised digitally.
  2. That a risk assessment should be done in advance when a course or learning activity takes place on the KI campus. National recommendations for reducing the spread of infection should be taken into account.
  3. that these principles also apply to courses and activities organised by KI, which are carried out in premises other than the KI campus.

The risk assessment is made by the course director or the person responsible for the learning activity, using the template below (tab 1 in Swedish, tab 2 in English). The assessment need not be submitted other than on request.

Keep in mind that if a course module, or other learning activity, is located on campus, it is not only the teaching room that must be considered regarding spread of infection, but also the common areas on campus and the transport routes to/from that are affected. Also consider the risk when gathering participants from different clinics/hospitals in the same room.

Follow the guidelines for using a face mask in certain situations.