Routines and safety measures in KI's facilities due to covid-19

To minimize the spread of covid-19 on campus, the following routines and safety measures have been developed and implemented on our campus.

Premises and signs

  • Hand alcohol and signs to keep your distance are available in all major entrances on both campus
  • Stickers about keeping distance on floors in public areas
  • The student kitchenettes are marked to facilitate distance keeping
  • Marking of tables / seats that are not to be used. Applies only to exam rooms and rooms that are included in the scheduling.
  • Extra hygiene cleaning is done in all public toilets daily
  • Extra hygiene cleaning will be done in booked classrooms every day and during lunchtime if a new group is booked in the afternoon.
  • Exam rooms are hygienically cleaned between different groups.
  • Hand alcohol is available in connection with booked premises that are included in the scheduling.

Face mask

  • The facilities department buys face masks
  • Distribution of these together with hand alcohol, instruction and waste bags takes is made to the departments according to the number of students / department.
  • Orders for more face masks are only made by administrative managers (AC) to

Downloadable instructions