Routines and safety measures in KI's facilities due to covid-19

To minimize the spread of covid-19 on campus, the following routines and safety measures have been developed and implemented on our campus. The mesures have been updated for the autumn semester 2021

Premises and signs

  • Hand alcohol and signs to keep your distance are available in all major entrances on both campus
  • Stickers about keeping distance on floors in public areas
  • The student kitchenettes are marked to facilitate distance keeping
  • Extra hygiene cleaning is done in all public toilets daily
  • Exam rooms are hygienically cleaned between different groups, if time is short there will be disinfection wipes in the room for you to use. 
  • Hand alcohol is available in connection with booked premises that are included in the scheduling.
  • In case of acute cleaning-related problems, see contact information below.
  • Students must leave the rooms/classrooms/lecture halls after end of class so that cleaning can commence imediately.

Face mask

  • The facilities department buys face masks
  • Distribution of these together with hand alcohol, instruction and waste bags takes is made to the departments according to the number of students / department.
  • Orders for more face masks are only made by administrative managers (AC) to


Marie Mouratidou

Cleaning coordinator Campus Flemingsberg

Kyriakos "Kirre" Matentzouglo

Cleaning coordinator Campus Solna

Georgious Minoridis

Cleaning coordinator Campus Solna