Salary review 2019

In the fall of 2019, it is time for salary review and most of KI`s employees will have a dialog with their manager, a so-called Performance management dialog 2.

Performance management dialog 2 should focus on work performance and results in relation to current salary criteria. In the dialog you also get an opportunity to account for your work tasks and your work performance. It is important that both you and your manager are well prepared for the meeting so that the dialog become meaningful.

Employees who are members of Saco-S or unorganized have a dialog where salary is discussed. The salary is set in the dialog and paid when the salary is set for all Saco-S or unorganized employees at the department. Any disagreeable members of Saco-S are negotiated separately and paid when all disagreements are negotiated.

For empolyees who are members of OFR/S, P, O and SEKO, salary is not mentioned in the dialog. The salary is negotiated between unions and employers and is paid when the salary is negotiated for all members of OFR/S, P, O and SEKO at KI.

Wage compensation at KI is regulated by three central wage agreements between the Swedish Agency for Government Employers and the respective unions, Saco-S, OFR/S, P, O and SEKO.

For all employees, the new salary will be paid on October 1, 2019, but the payroll will be made retroactively.

What characterizes a good dialog?

Some of the success factors that have proven to be important for the manager and co-workers, in order for them to feel that the salary has worked well, is that the manager:

  • Has created a dialog where the employee has been able to discuss his/her tasks, performance and results and have the opportunity to present his/ her views
  • Have explained and justified their assessments
  • Has clarified how the employee should be able to develop and influence his salary
  • Proved to be open to continued dialog
  • If the employee wishes, inform about what is needed for further salary development

Preparation – important prerequisite for a good performance management dialog 2

The prerequisite for a good performance management dialog 2 is that both the manager and employees know the purpose of the dialog and have prepared well by reading the salary policy and KI´s salary criteria. Please use the templates available for performance management dialog 2.

Both the manager and the employee must contribute to making the dialog characterized by openness and respect. But the manager, as an employer representative, has the greatest responsibility for the dialog being carried out properly.

Jenny Wärnlund

UF Central Administration

Carolina Ström

UF Central Administration