Some of the previous EIT Health projects with KI as a partner

Success stories at a glance. The projects were to help to improve the quality of life and healthcare and give rise to new innovations, products and services.

Innovation Projects

miniQ is a web based clinical decision support system (CDSS) for optimising drug treatment among elderly people.

MULTI-MODE will produce e-health tools to predict dementia risk and prevent cognitive decline and dementia.

The Health Movement will prevent chronic diseases from emerging, and increase quality of life for individuals who are already sick.

The aim of this project is to introduce, assess and refine a new application for individualised prostate cancer risk, the Stockholm3 Risk Score.

Brings a novel approach to occupational health, combining wearable sensors, big data analytics and ergonomics to implement an integral solution

Campus projects

Caregiving and Ageing Reimagined for Europe innovative and multi-dimensional solutions to meet the ever-increasing demand for care for the elderly.

E-Lab Network
Provides opportunities for finding solutions to challenges in the society with a focus on healthy living and active ageing.

EU-Health Market Access for PartnerS
Will provid expertise and a clear understanding of how, when and who to engage in the innovation process.

Training for Future Healthcare Management, education in new skills such as promoting innovation and collaboration.

Students receive an introduction to practical health innovation tools in multidisciplinary teams to tackle real life health challenges in healthy living and active ageing.

Intrapreneur Masterclass Europe, the programme focuses on building a powerful set of behaviours that accelerate intrapreneurial problem solving.

Patient Journey
This course will help you to kick-start your innovation process by teaching you how to use the Patient Journey Mapping method.

High-level public outreach to increase awareness on the benefit of a healthy lifestyle and to identify new challenges to improving our health.

WE Health
Empowering women entrepreneurs in health innovation, it includes health information and a dialogue with citizens to identify new challenges to improving our health.

INJOY Summer School
INJOY focuses on innovations to help people improve their diet.

ClinMed 2018 Summer School
Experiential learning for medical device innovation.