Three questions to the Facilities director

Property and Facilities Office at KI works continuously to ensure that KI has the right premises and that they are flexible and can meet future needs. Facilities director Rikard Becker answers three questions about the Real Estate Department's work on adapting and equipping the KI's premises for flexible working.

Jan-Åke Gustafssonsalen at NEO with 200 seats

What is important to consider about the physical workplace when moving to a more flexible way of working?

- We will need to make the best use of the facilities we have. It is important to identify the needs and then adapt the premises to support the work to be done. The premises should provide the best possible conditions for everyone to carry out their various tasks in the best possible way. It is therefore important to be open to the changes that more flexible working may entail. From being able to share desks to learning how to use different technical tools.

How will the premises be equipped, for example with regard to hybrid meetings?

- Property and Facilities Office is responsible for the bookable rooms (TimeEdit). It provides technology to stream lectures live but also to interact both remotely and in the room at the same time. There are different solutions in different rooms and technology is developing rapidly in this area. We have had BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) installed in a number of rooms over the summer and before the end of September we will have set up some zoom rooms for hybrid meetings in larger formats.

How can I get help to equip in-house meeting rooms for hybrid meeting solutions?

- If new AV equipment is required, you should contact the IT Office. If the entire meeting room is to be renovated, the Facilities Office will also help with the installation of new AV equipment.

- IT Office  has equipped the university administration's meeting rooms with a mobile solution for remote meetings. The solution is a fully equipped AV trolley that is easily connected to a computer. The AV trolley is delivered fully assembled on a trolley with a screen, camera and microphone and the necessary cables. The advantage of a mobile AV trolley is that it can be moved between rooms if necessary. As this solution has worked very well for the UF, we intend to offer the service to the whole organisation in the future.

Where can you turn if you as a manager or leader need to review your premises in order to work more flexibly? What support can the Facilities Office offer?

- The head of department/head of administration should contact the house property mangaer, or Senior Property manager Mattias Stock or me and we will refer you to the right manager/project manager. The Property and Facilities Office can help manage the process of the premises development projects from needs assessment to the finished premises. It is far from certain that a flexible post-corona approach will require a refurbishment, but in the first stage it may be more about using the existing premises in a new way.