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Work Environment and Health at FyFa

The employer is ultimately and formally responsible for the work environment, safety and environmental issues. The guidelines and rules related to work environment at Karolinska Institutet also apply at FyFa.

You will find more information related to work environment and health at Karolinska Institutet on the Work Environment and Health pages on the KI Staff portal.

Work Environment Group at FyFa

Employer representatives
tba Chair
Pia Räninen Equal rights, Organisational and Psychosocial work environment
Ernst Brodin Education
Employee representatives
Katrin Ingermo Safety delegate*
Tony Jimenez-Beristain Safety delegate*
Michael Elm
Eva Lindgren
Margareta Porsmyr-Palmertz

The Work Environment Group at FyFa is the Head of Department's resource when it comes to overall occupational safety issues. The group consists of representatives from different areas of activity, both workers, and employers, as well as security representatives, student protection representatives and equal rights representatives.

The Work Environment Group at FyFa initiates, executes and follows up safety inspections, makes continuous reviews of the work environment and health-promoting activities and is a link between the department and the Work Environment Committee, the Occupational Health Service and Student Health.

The Work Environment Group at Fyfa also implements the annual follow-up of the department's Systematic Work Environment Management (SAM). Systematic Work Environment Management is the work done by the employer to investigate, carry out and follow up activities in such a way that ill-health and accidents at work are prevented and a satisfactory working environment achieved.

Safety delegates at Fyfa

In matters relating to the work environment, the employees are represented by Safety delegates. The Safety delegates are a resource to the Head of Department but are not responsible for the work environment in legal terms, nor for the implementation of measures. The responsibility always lies with employer representatives. In the case of accidents or incidents at FyFa, the Safety delegates should always be notified.

Safety delegates are appointed by their colleagues for a period of three years. Our current Safety delegates were selected for the period January 2017 to December 2019.

Safety delegates at Fyfa*:

Katrin Ingermo
Phone: +46 70 950 2121

Tony Jimenez-Beristain

Safety delegate at Karolinska Institutet, Campus Solna:

Bo Nilsson
Phone: +46 8 524 874 04

Contact the Work Environment Group at FyFa:

If you need to contact the Work Environment Group at Fyfa, send an e-mail to

Health Promotion at Fyfa

The idea is to inspire each individual, group or organisation to actively take part in maintaining and strengthening health and well-being as well as counteracting the emergence of ill health.

Employees and students are offered special health promotion benefits such as group training classes, workshops and events. Invest in your future health by taking advantage of your Health Promotion Hour!

Find out more about Karolinska Institutet's health promotion

Health promoter at FyFa

Pia Räninen

Occupational Health Service - Previa

Karolinska Institutet has signed an agreement with Previa which provides complete occupational health care for work-related issues. The agreement covers the period 01-07-2016 until 30-06-2018.

If you are an employee or a scholarship-funded doctoral/post-doctoral student, you can turn to Previa in the event of any work-related health issue. Work-related issues include conditions that are directly caused by your work, are exacerbated by your work or are assumed to be connected to your work. Conditions such as influenza and other respiratory-tract infections, however, are not considered to be work-related – in such cases, you should consult your own health centre.

Services provided:

  • Two appointments per year with a specialist of your choosing: doctor, nurse, physiotherapist, ergonomist, behavioural scientist or psychologist. If additional appointments are required, these must be confirmed with your immediate manager. You can also turn to your local HR department.
  • Treatment for needle sticks/other cuts, bites or other forms of blood contamination.
  • Vaccinations for Hepatitis B. When necessary, also for Hepatitis A+B.
  • Statutory medical examinations when, for example, working with laboratory animals or thermosetting plastics.

Please, not that all visits require an appointment.

Do not hesitate to contact the administration at FyFa for counselling and support if you experience any work-related problems:

Head of administration

Eva Gipperth

Phone: +46-(0)8-524 872 10
Organizational unit: Administration

Head of department

Håkan Westerblad

Phone: +46-(0)8-524 872 53
Organizational unit: Department of Physiology and Pharmacology (FYFA), C3

HR supervisor

Pia Raninen

Organizational unit: Administration

Doctoral students can turn to Doctoral students Ombudsperson

Staff support – around the clock telephone counselling

Staff support – around the clock telephone counselling: Dial 0200-21 63 00

The staff support includes both work-related and private matters. The service assists with matters concerning, for example, relationship problems, addiction issues, personal crises and questions regarding legal matters (e.g. tenancy agreements) or personal finances.