Work environment training

KI regularly offers work environment training for managers, safety representatives and others who handle work environment issues in their operations.

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Work environment issues related to the manager's responsibility

Modules 1-3 (half-days) are mandatory for managers and others who are to receive / have received a delegation of work environment tasks. These modules are conducted in Swedish and English, 2-3 times per semester.

Module 1: Systematic work environment management

The training is mandatory for those with delegated work environment tasks.

In order for the delegation of work environment tasks to be valid, it requires that that those delegated such tasks have sufficient competence in order to conduct well functioning work environment management.

Work Environment Act, Work environment provisions, systematic work environment management, allocation of tasks/manager's role and responsibilities, identification of risks, risk assessment, actions and follow-ups.

Module 2: Organizational and social work environment

This course is directed towards managers with staff liability and HR-managers having previously participated in Module 1 - Systematic Work Environment Management.

Module 3: Laboratory Safety

The aim of the course is to provide basic knowledge about the responsibilities, legislation, policies and procedures related to laboratory safety, and to communicate a basic understanding of risk identification and risk management, and how a manager ensures good laboratory safety.

Risk assessment training

Risk assessments in the systematic work environment management is an in-depth education aimed at managers with delegated responsibility, safety representatives, members of KI Work Environment groups, HR. Requirement: participants shall have attended the basic course Module 1. This training, which is held in Swedish and English, is based entirely on practical exercises.

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