How to access the campus gyms

Follow the steps to book a class or open the doors to the gym. Always bring your KI-card to show on request by Health Promotion staff and KI security guard.

Create an account in the booking system "Gymsystem"

The best way is to create your account on a computer.

  • Go to Gymsystem
  • Choose your home domain in the drop down menu: Campus Flemingsberg or Campus Solna.
  • Choose "Create account" from the left menu
  • Follow the instructions

Use your or student email account

Book a class in the app

  • Download "Zoezi" app on AppStore/Google Play 
  • Choose " Friskvården KI"
  • Click cog wheel button to select campus (Solna/Flemingsberg/Online)

Open the door with QR-code

  • Open the app Zoezi
  • Press "Home" and "Check in and open door"
  • Scan QR-code to open the door

Use your or e-mail. If you are a KI master student, scholarship holder without a, please contact your immediate supervisor.


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