About me

I am a Biomedicine alumna from Uppsala University. Led by my interest in nutrition and improving human health, I enrolled into KI’s Global Master’s program in Nutrition Science from where I graduated in 2021. During my degree project I wanted to explore the causatives of obesity-induced metabolic disorders, in particular the mechanism behind different nutrients ability to induce epigenetic modifications on monocyte and macrophage populations through A-to-I RNA editing. I also investigated the phenomenon of trained immunity in monocytes in vitro, utilizing the transient effects of a nutrient mix representative of a western dietary pattern. After a very positive experience working in Myriam Aouadi’s group, inspired by my supervisor and driven by the urge to continue expanding my knowledge on metabolic disorders, I decided to take on the role of research assistant in the group of my former supervisor and current Team leader Cecilia Morgantini.