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Ali Razaghi

Postdoctoral researcher

About me

A senior postdoctoral researcher with a speciality in Cancer Therapeutics, Medical Biotechnology and Immunotherapy. As a member of the research community of Karolinska Institute, one of the foremost global centres of medical science, Ali's research focuses on ground-breaking translational medicine using selenium-based chemotherapy and cytokine therapy approaches from pre-clinical stage to clinical trials in order to develop a more efficient treatment for benefiting cancer patients.

Research description

The main objective of my studies is to investigate how selenotherapy (selenium-based chemotherapeutics) in combination with cytokine therapy can benefit cancer patients by enhancing the efficacy and lowering the side effects of treatments.

My main specific research scopes are included:

To explore and develop selenium-based chemotherapy particularly for pancreatic and liver cancers. Selenium-based compounds are potent chemotherapeutic agents eradicating a wide variety of tumour cells in low-dosage showing limited side-effects. To further advance the use of cytokine therapy in cancer immunotherapy. Cytokine therapy was the standard of care for treatment of many cancers from the 1980s onwards; hence, my approach is to utilize pro-inflammatory cytokines in a combinational regimen with chemotherapy to enhance the efficacy of treatments.



My main research interests are included but not limited to:

Designing and optimizing combinational treatments of cytokine therapy and selenotherapy for cancer Utilizing ex-vivo organotypic models of surgical specimen cancer tissues for screening new cancer treatments Implementing bioinformatic based techniques such as metagenomics and meta-analysis methods to explore novel markers and targets for the treatment of cancer Improving the enzymatic activity of therapeutic proteins using mutagenesis techniques Discovery and assessment of novel cancer therapeutics particularly selenium-based compounds Enhancing the efficacy of biopharmaceutical using genetic engineering e.g. by improving glycosylation


Post Doctorate Diploma: Karolinska Institute (Stockholm, Sweden) PhD: James Cook University, Queensland, Australia (Supervisor: Prof. Leigh Owens) MSc: University of Gothenburg (Göteborg, Sweden) and Leibniz University of Hanover (Hanover, Germany) Certificate in Advanced Cancer Biology, Johns Hopkins University, MD, USA
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